Will ES6 kill JavaScript?

It might sound silly to a seasoned JS developer but I realized there was a set of devs still unaware of the relation between ECMAScript, JavaScript and their versioning.

I originally wrote the following as a part of an answer to Will ES6 overtake JavaScript?

Let me try to clear the air of confusion here.

At a time when Java was at it’s peak a new scripting language called LiveScript was developed to allow Web Developers to add interactivity to their web pages in a easy fashion. Almost everyone at the time who was a programmer, knew what Java was. So it was re-named Javascript to take advantage of Java’s popularity and also bring in a sense of familiarity.

Sun owned Java at the time and Netscape had developed Javascript. Sun had licensed Netscape to use the name Javascript.

Hence, Car is to Carpet as Java is to Javascript!
(i.e. no connection except that they share the first few characters)

Since Java was a trademark owned by Sun Microsystems, the language had to be finally renamed to something else before it could be made OpenSource. It was finally decided that the new name would be ECMAScript, but not before the language was already famous as JavaScript.

Hence the language that we write these days in our .js files are nothing but ECMAScript codes. Most recently, ES5 is the widely used version and ES6 is specification is already frozen for implementation.

So logically, ES6 is supposed to overtake ES5. It was built for that reason. Though it would take a few months to be implemented fully by all browsers (Most modern browsers have already started shipping support for ES6 including IE!).

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