I invest with Goalwise. Here is why.

Last week I was discussing with my bunch of close connections about a new investment platform Goalwise. The most common question was what does Goalwise do and how could it help them. (questions like Why Goalwise or Why not a competitor)

In this post I try to explain in brief what Goalwise does and how it does it better than it’s competitors.

We created Goalwise, an intelligent investment manager, to solve a common problem for many working professionals. The problem on trying to figure our the best investment medium to generate highest returns.

Let’s understand that no-one, including the best fund managers in the world know for sure how a specific stock/MF would perform. They try to bet on major upward trends e.g. Infrastructure in fast developing nations.

We all may be capable to do a complete research on how the markets work and keep track of major trends in the market. But let’s face it, we don’t have the time to crunch historical data of the various mutual funds and figure out which one performs the best. This is where Goalwise comes in, our automatic fund selection algorithms are constantly at work trying to identify the best performing mutual funds keeping in view the macro and micro factors.

Another issue that Goalwise addresses, unlike it’s competitors, is that of rebalancing your portfolio i.e. Once we have recommended a portfolio and get your SIP initiated in a specific fund, our platform continues to monitor various factors which could affect the portfolio. As time passes, your investment profile and risk taking ability changes, our platform takes into consideration and suggests changes to the portfolio as and when required.

But here is the most interesting part – Goalwise as a platform allows you to link your investments with a goal. It may be a new house in 5 years or a fund to sponsor your kid’s education in 15 years. This philosophy has helped our users stay consistent with their investment plans unlike their New Year resolutions.

Apart from investing towards goals which can vary from Wealth and Luxury Purchases to Retirement Plans and Emergency Funds, Goalwise also allows anyone to invest in tax-saving mutual funds which are an alternative to PPF accounts for tax saving since they give a shorter lock-in period and historically have been giving a decent return. More on Tax Saving funds here.

Getting from the financial aspects to the technology side –

The current technology stack consists of a PHP monolith which is incrementally being migrated to Node microservices. A backend computation engine powered by R/Python for data crunching and analysis.

The frontend stack consists primarily of React and we use Gulp, SASS, ES6 via Babel and Webpack to deliver a performant frontend solution. More on the tech stack in a subsequent post.

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Sunny R Gupta

During my career, I've led and built multiple projects from scratch. Over time I have helped migrate multiple portals from DC to Cloud making use of a decentralised architecture.