About Me

Ships in the harbor are safe… But that’s not what ships are built for!

Self-taught programmer with a focus on building usable and responsive web-applications.

Started developing websites and applications during my childhood – out of pure inquisitiveness.

Began programming in PHP, developing dynamic secure web-applications and eventually went on to work with C#.NET, Ruby on Rails, Python and C/C++ not necessarily in that order 😉

I’ve had the chance to work with some of the best companies including Tavisca, Fab and Hem. These companies were highly focussed on user-experience and I learned a great deal about the impact of good UX on conversions.

Eventually the products I worked on at these companies went on to receive awards and recognition from the likes of Apple (who featured two of the websites during their key-note events, at launch of iPad Pro and the iPhone 6)

My tech stack is pretty flexible. I could work with your platform of choice or develop a new bespoke library as per the use-case.

When not coding, I prefer to travel the countryside and meet new people. I also enjoy reading various genres on my Kindle.

Elsewhere on the web, you can find me on –